September 29, 2019

The Perfect Stone Patio

Northern Rock Granite


If prepared and installed properly, a granite stone patio will last a very long time with little to no maintenance. It will provide a perfect spot to sit and view the lake, socialize with friends, have morning coffee as the mist rises or enjoy an evening fire.

Some of the best stone patios are built with either granite or limestone and are situated in a spot that takes advantage of the views that the property has to offer. The scenery could include a beautiful lake in Muskoka, a winding river or any natural feature.

jumbo flagstone

Northern Rock Granite Flagstone

Finding the right place for your flagstone patio is important and topography comes into play and sometimes, protection from the elements such as wind or noise should be considered. Fitting it into naturally level areas, perhaps tucked into a bedrock formation or adjacent to existing vegetation will be ideal. Plantings around the patio such as annuals, perennials and shrubbery will warm up the area and add colour, It is encouraged to add plantings that attract and benefit pollinators, such as bees and butterflies.

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Northern Rock works with landscape architects and designers to help them specify the right stone for any project. Northern Rock sells granite, limestone and related products to landscapers, masons, tilers and other trades.

Granite Flagstone Patio

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